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This whole home waterless HVAC diffuser is suited for homes up to 4000 sq feet.  It uses cold atomization technology to ensure the finest of droplets are dispersed throughout your entire home without any residue.  It features a quiet yet powerful air pump, all metal construction and a 1000 ml fragrance bottle.  Like all of our machines it has wifi and/or bluetooth technology for remote programming and control.  There are 20 different levels of intensity and 6 different working times that can be set.  This unit is the same as used by our competitors and comes with the same 1 year warranty. SAVE OVER 50%    Compare at $1904 and $1215 CAD (current price).  

The Grand Estate

C$599.99 Regular Price
C$449.99Sale Price
Excluding GST/HST |
  • HVAC diffusers have an adapter at their outlet for a small hose.  This gets inserted into a small hole in your heating and air conditioning vent just above the furnace.  It takes only a few mintues to install.  It can be controlled remotely to set operating times to coincide with the furnace fan.  The micro-droplets of fragrance oil are then carried though your duct work to every room in your house. Note this unit does not come on automatically when the furnace fan runs.

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